This live 10-week program will guide you step-by-step to discover 10 different professional trading strategies that can help you become a consistently profitable trader -- and potentially earn a spot on our trading desk.

During the program, we will work with you, week by week, on each strategy. You will watch specific examples of each trade implemented in the current market as it unfolds.

By the end of this program, you will have spent time learning 10 different strategies from professional traders that successfully earn a living using the same setups you will be taught.

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What to Expect DuringThe Winning Trader Program

The 10 Trading Setup You Will Learn

You will learn 10 highly effective trade setups and strategies that our professional traders use each and every day. Many traders make their living off just a few of these trades. By adding all 10 strategies to your PlayBook, you greatly increase your chances of finding the best trades for your skills, temperment, and trading niche. The 10 trades you will learn include:


A favorite trade of Co-Founder and trading author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook, Mike Bellafiore. Learn a trade that can find you up $1500 in the first few minutes of trading.  


Learn how to determine the most likely direction of a stock in the first 45 minutes of trading and how to place excellent risk/reward trades with this knowledge. Great for trading stocks with fresh news.


One of two of the best trades recommended for developing traders. This trade uses unusual price action, coupled with a news catalyst from the prior trading session, to find a follow through trade. A slower swing trade for those who do not like fast moving stocks. 


This is the first trade taught at our proprietary trading desk in NYC. All firm traders learn by cutting their teeth on this setup. This is a swing trade. This trade captures very large moves in stocks that have reported unusual fundamental news. 


Everyone loves them, let’s be honest. GOOG. NFLX. FB. AMZN. TSLA. CMG. These stocks tend to trade more cleanly off of very important technical levels. Learn why and how to spot those very significant technical levels. 


Learn one of the favorite trades of the professional big money proprietary trader. Big money short-term traders look for stocks holding up, prop them up, and squeeze shorts. Mastering this trade can bring an outsize return on trading capital.


One of the classics from the late 90’s that still works today. A trade that is a staple of many successful pro traders. Best for swing traders, who prefer slower moving setups. 


Another highly effective trading strategy for active traders. Best for traders not afraid to embrace technology and make fast decisions


A favorite of beginning retail traders. Mostly because this trade is not as competitive as trading an AAPL when it has fresh news. A trade that requires extreme discipline and risk management.


Learn one of the favorite trades from one of our better traders. Use a technical indicator that works very well for active traders to make better trade decisions. 

  • Learn 10 trading setups used by professional traders 
  • Join DAILY mentoring sessions to discuss these trades as they arise in the market that day
  • Ask questions about real time trades during our mentoring meetings that include traders from our desk that are making these trades with the firm's capital
  • Train with a professional trading desk 
  • Taught by author, co-founder Mike Bellafiore and co-founder Steve Spencer 
  • Also special guest lectures from SMB traders who make their living by trading the very same setups you will be taught
  • Train online -- parallel to our professional prop firm traders in New York City 
  • We'll teach you how to earn a funded trading account. By joining this program, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by actively participating in the mentoring meetings and showing the firm partners your excellent PlayBook of trades.  
  • Bonus #1: Access to our suite of trading tools for 90 days ($595 value)
  • Bonus #2: Access to all of our mentoring sessions for 90 days ($400 value)
  • Bonus #3: SMB Premium Membership for One Year ($299 value)
  • Bonus #4: Ten-day Equity Training Program ($149 value)
  • GUARANTEE: Try the live program for two weeks. If you are not satisfied with your progress, we'll refund 100% of your entire purchase. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Note: If you currently own any of the bonus products listed above, then you may request a rebate for the value of the product(s) you own. Just forward a copy of your purchase confirmation to and request your refund.  

Meet "The Winner" of the 2016 Winning Trader Program

Denis was "The Winner" of The 2016 Winning Trader program -- which means he was selected by the SMB partners as the producer of the most outstanding "playbook" at the end of the 10-week program. See what Denis has to say about his experience in the program... and now moving on to train live in-house.

Do NOT Join This Progam If...

This program is not for traders that are looking for trades to just copy. We will show you setups worth your attention to master. You will have to put in the work to master your execution of these trades. 

It's About Building Your PlayBook

The process of learning all 10 trades will help you determine which of these setups fits your personality and trading niche. This is the opportunity for you to add highly effective trades to YOUR PlayBook. This PlayBook can potentially earn you a place on our desk as a professional, funded trader.

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Your purchase of The Winning Trader includes full access to the tools that our professionals use plus streaming access to live positions. And, you will also have access to 15 live trade review and mentoring sessions held at our firm in New York City. Plus, you get SMB Premium Membership to our library of past Trading Conversations, weekly webinars, and Premium training webinars. 

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The Winning Trader program includes more than 160 live online sessions over 10 weeks plus access to all the recordings, slides, SMB proprietary scanner, radar, real time positions of desk traders, homework assignments, review and feedback from traders and SMB partners, SMB Premium membership for one-year, and the opportunity to be selected as The Winning TRADER of "The Winning Trader" course. The winner will receive access to the SMB Foundation training course, valued at $5,950. 

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